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2016 Game Improvement Clinics

July 2016 Game Improvement Clinics


Max Out Monday


Monday, July 25  10:30am - 5:30pm - Berne Finch


Do you own an adjustable driver?  Get one as a gift and have no idea what all of the settings do?  In this 30 minute session, we will dial in your driver utilizing Trackman and it's Optimizer program. Based upon your swing speed and angle of attack, we will match your spin loft, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate and height to have you hitting the ball as far as possible!  Please call to make an appointment!

Cost $35.00


Free Clinics

During these 60 minute sessions,we will help you with your game. We have sessions for putting, full swing and equipment demos.  For the full swing session, you buy the range balls and we'll help you hit the ball better!

Class sizes are limited.  Cost: FREE 


Thursday, July 28 @ 5:00pm - Bill Wilson
Free Fittings Friday 

Do your clubs fit you?  Or are you continually adjusting your swing trying to make your clubs work?  This 30 minute session can help you identify if your equipment is suited for your swing and if not, we will fit you for clubs that will reward your most athletic motion. Allow our Professional staff to help you!
Friday, July 22  10:00am - 5:00pm - Bill Wilson
Please call or email to set up an appointment.

Back 9 with a Pro

This 2.5 Hour session covers it all!  We will start our round early and play the Back 9.  During the round, strategies and intruction on your game will be addressed.  After the round we will enjoy breakfast at the Muni Grill, recap the round and recommend a game improvement plan.

Limited to 3 participants.  Cost: $100.00 (Includes Greens Fee, Cart, Instruction & Breakfast)

Tuesday, July 26 @ 6:00am - Berne Finch 
Any questions, please call 408-441-0520 or email Berne FinchThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.